A journey into thinking on the thread where I talk about hand dyeing yarn. Through some experiments, and colorway development I'll go through some tips and tricks, and some things to avoid while I learn along the way.

A spotlight on indie dyer's and their gorgeous yarn. After purchasing a couple skeins of yarn, I will go through an unboxing with you and share with you my first reactions and thoughts on the beautiful work of small businesses and their gorgeous work.

A place where I update the most often! This is where I share in progress shots of my most recent projects, or little sneak peaks of some dye jobs I'm up to. Feel free to jump over and give me a follow if you'd like to hear from me regularly!

This is where I post my long format text posts. I'm a reflective person whose most comfortable writing on something that's been on my mind and share what inspires me, take a look and join me.